About Us

The research by the excellence allows to the Rio Flat Rental offer to his customers a personalized attention, what results in security to all the businesses realized, satisfying our customers.

From the year of 2000 working in the market for hire of season, in the research to perfect the art of real estate, simplify the processes of the rent by season, and encourage the tourism in Rio de Janeiro.

River Flat Rental has the following proposal: Treat our customers (proprietary and tenants) with respect and professionalism, looking for always customize our service, splitting of this paradigm, adjust our form to work.

We want to know his needs!

Professionalism for us means that our collaborators are properly trained to attend the customers of the best possible form.

Respect means to optimize and speed up the attention, giving satisfaction always, even was to say that we do not have like attending the application of the customer.

Have put it to be remembered by our customers by the transparency and qualification.


Needing any information and services on rent of season or buying and selling of real estates, go in contact, that go to attend it of the best possible form!